Ban on prayer gatherings in Sindh

The Sindh government banned prayer gatherings in the province to prevent the Corona virus from world ahmed
 Ban on prayer gatherings in Sindh

The aforementioned decision will take place from March 27 to April 5, but only 3 to 5 people will attend the mosque in mosques, the same number of Friday prayer gatherings.

According to spokesman Sindh Chief Minister Murtaza Wahhab, the Sindh government decided to ban prayer gatherings in mosques in consultation with scholars of all schools.

The Sindh government's big decision to stop the spread of the Corona virus, the common people in mosques will not be able to pray in the mosque, the decision was made after consulting all the scholars and medical experts. Five people, including the mosque staff, will be able to attend congregation prayers.

In his message, he said that prayer gatherings in mosques were banned to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.current world new

It should be noted that the Federal Government has also decided to restrict prayer meetings.