Can Corona's temperature rise end the corona?

The outbreak of the Corona virus from the Chinese city of Wuhan has now infected 178 out of 194 countries worldwide, killing more than 9,000 people in the world and infecting more than 200,000 people in the world ahmed
 Can Corona's temperature rise end the corona?

Despite the outbreak in 178 countries and killing thousands of people, the Corona virus has not yet been vaccinated and people are trying their best to eradicate the virus.

Speaking of the Corona virus outbreak, some experts say that the virus cannot survive at high temperatures, meaning that if the summer weather arrives, the whole world can get rid of the virus, though scientists have no clue There is no confirmation that if the weather gets warmer, it is possible to eradicate the Corona virus from all over the world.

At what temperature can the corona survive in the human body?

According to a doctor's observation that the corona virus can remain active on dry surfaces for 8 to 10 days while in the human body the virus can survive at a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius because the virus is weak even in the heat. Just as other viruses cannot tolerate heat, so can the virus, but the exact temperature of the corona virus has not yet been determined in this observation.

Can temperature rise kill Corona?
Experts all over the world are looking at separate observations and research on the elimination of the Corona virus, most experts say that heat is the breakdown of the Corona virus and there are three things that can affect the life of the Corona virus.current world news

high temperature
On the other hand, some experts are contending that the Corona virus is hot, they say that if the Corona virus were removed by heat, there would be no case of Corona in Australia and Singapore today, so we have heat. Instead of waiting, some precautions need to be taken so that we are safe from this epidemic.


Can temperature rise kill Corona?

Stay away from people who are sick.
Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
If you are sick stay home.
When it comes to sneezing, use tissue paper and once you have used, discard the tissue paper.
Wash your hands every few minutes.