Corona, 30 million students lost education a week, closed for clean spray in Haram, aviation industry fears 174 trillion damage

Riyadh, Beijing, Tehran, Washington (Shahid Naeem, AFP, News Agency) In the wake of the Corona virus, holidays in educational institutions leave 30 million students a week away from education, while in Saudi Arabia Haram-e-Sharif sprays germs Closed world ahmed
 Corona, 30 million students lost education a week, closed for clean spray in Haram, aviation industry fears 174 trillion damage

On the other hand, the aviation industry is estimated to have lost 174 trillion, while experts have predicted a loss of 77 trillion to the world trade, the virus caused 148 deaths in Italy, 107 in Iran, 11 in the US, the first case reported in Hungary, Slovenia. At the same time, the number of victims worldwide was 97 thousand 880, the European Union and India Summit while the US Israeli military exercises were canceled.current world news

Emergency has been imposed in Upper California. According to the designated war, an official of the General Presidency of the Mosque al-Haram and Mosque Nabawi affairs said that one hour after the end of the Asha prayer, the mosque of Mecca and Nawabi Sharif closed in Medina. It was decided that both mosques would be opened an hour before Fajr prayer.

According to Saudi media, the Hermann administration official said the decision was in view of the need for hygienic measures to prevent the spread of health protections, the ongoing cleansing of both sacred mosques and to keep them sterile during public prayers in order to prevent the spread of the Corona virus. Gone.

The administration official added that as long as the Umrah is closed, the Sawai portion between the tawaaf and the Safa and Marwah around the house of the Ka'ba will be closed. Prayers will be inside the mosque only during the ban on Umrah.current world news

Administration officials noted that the decision to ban the Umrah of Saudi nationals and foreigners will apply to all residents of Makkah city, allowing any mosque to enter the mosque al-Haram and its surrounding courtyards. Will not be given the status.

A decision has also been made that beds will not be allowed in Itikaf and mosque, prohibition will also be allowed for taking food items, sub-jams of water will also be closed, administration officials said. Under it, the old part of the mosque, including the Ramadan Sharifa, will be closed while heaven has also been decided to close.

Remember that in the Haram Maki al-Sharif, the pilgrims were evacuated after Thursday prayers in the afternoon to protect the corona virus so that the courtyard of the sanctuary was washed with pesticides.

Visitors to the Haram Maki al-Sharif say that the administration had allowed the pilgrims to visit the roof of Haram Sharif while no one was allowed to enter the lower part so that the pesticides could be sprayed there.

On the other hand, foreign news reports say that the Corona virus has spread to more than 80 countries and other places, causing holidays in educational institutions and nearly 30 million students are missing out on education for a week, Iran, Italy, Greece and India are the most recent countries. Vacations in educational institutes have been announced due to the virus. A global trade body says the Corona virus is expected to hurt the aviation industry by about $ 113 billion this year. Trade experts, on the other hand, also predicted $ 50 billion in economic losses, the latest report from the UN Conference on Trade, Investment and Development (UNCTAD) said, adding that exports were the most affected by the EU, America and Japan will be affected.

Corona virus has spread to about 80 countries, the first case has come to Hungary and Slovenia, the number of victims worldwide has been 97 thousand 880, and 3,355 deaths have been recorded, so far 544 122 patients have improved their health.

In China alone, more than 80,000 cases have been recorded and more than 3,000 cases have been seen. Apart from China, the highest fatalities were recorded at 148 in Italy, 107 in Iran, 40 in South Korea, 11 in the United States and 6 in France.

Three cases of corona virus have also been confirmed at NATO headquarters in Belgium. The "Full Moon" party in Hong Kong canceled due to the threat of the Corona virus, the Indo-European Union summit in Brussels on March 13 also canceled, the United States and Israel canceled military exercises because of the outbreak of the Corona virus Microsoft and Amazon have urged staff to do homework while Facebook has closed its offices, with 11 cities in Italy locking down.

People over the age of 75 are allowed to live in a home, declared an emergency in California, House of Representatives in Washington has approved an $ 8 billion $ 30 million emergency bill.

Beijing has offered to provide Iran 200 million thousand monthly.