Corona feared a loss to US economy, Trump

US President Donald Trump has acknowledged that the Corona virus could harm the US economy as world ahmed
 Corona feared a loss to US economy, Trump

The death of the Corona virus in the United States is steadily increasing, causing the stock market to suffer a second consecutive week, while the airline industry faces a $ 113 billion loss from the virus.

The S&P Five-Hundred Index fell below 3%, the share of the airlines being the highest, while the industrial, financial and energy stocks also suffered badly.

Due to Corona, people around the world have reduced their travel abroad and abroad which is affecting the airline industry, while most of the destinations on their destinations are empty and the airport is destroyed.current world news

Concerns have been infected by Corona after another industry, the virus has also affected the US state of Maryland.current world news

According to the state governor, the disease is spread through a person coming from overseas while an emergency is enforced in California, where a ship has been stopped on the coast and its Corona test of 2,500 passengers has been taken.

According to US media, a pet dog is also suffering from coronary disease, which is being expressed as the disease is transmitted not only from man to man but also from man to animal.

After the stock market collapsed for the second consecutive week, US President Trump has also acknowledged that Corona could harm the country's economy this year.