Corona kills 4,000 worldwide

Corona has estimated 4005 deaths worldwide, while 112 countries have been affected by the world ahmed
 Corona kills 4,000 worldwide

According to the news agency, Italy was the worst affected in European countries, with 97 deaths a day, followed by 463 deaths, 30 in France, 28 in Spain and 5 in the UK.

In Italy, 9172 patients are infected with the Corona virus, which is being locked down all over the country, with the movement of 6 million people banned. There will be no public gathering in the country.current world news

Cinemas, theaters and gyms have been closed, while people will not be able to attend weddings and funerals. The educational institutions will remain closed until April 3.

In the United States, the disease was not controlled and the death toll rose to 22 while South Korea, Japan, Iran and Iraq also had more deaths.current world news

On the other hand, the situation has been largely controlled in China, with only 44 new Corona patients reported on Monday, while 23 people died of the virus.