Corona virus: Different countries tighten travel restrictions

Various countries have tightened travel restrictions to prevent the spread of the Corona virus. Canada, Oman, the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia have banned travel, travel and business world ahmed
 Corona virus: Different countries tighten travel restrictions

Starting today, only Canadian or US citizens can enter permanent permanent or diplomatic personnel in Canada. A PIA flight to Toronto on March 18 will not be taken by a visitor visa.

From March 17, all citizens of Oman, except Omani or Gulf citizens, have been banned in Yemen.

In the United Arab Emirates, the entry of a paper visa was also banned, only passenger with a passport registered visa in the United Arab Emirates will be able to enter. Travelers traveling to Malaysia will also be able to travel only if they have Malaysian citizenship or diplomatic permit.

Spokeswoman affected by the travel ban should change their tickets as they are traveling to those countries while PIA flights continue as usual, spokesman PIA said.current world news