Corona virus: Punjab was left at the mercy of the administration

Islamabad (Omar Cheema) Punjab has been left at the mercy of the administration in the presence of the rapidly spreading pandemic corona virus in Pakistan. Punjab awakens to the challenge posed by the Corona virus. Isolation wards were established outside the densely populated areas in Sindh but these wards have been built in hospitals located in the heart of world ahmed
 Corona virus: Punjab was left at the mercy of the administration

This was done by ignoring doctors' advice that their stay in the heart of the city would lead to rapid outbreaks of the outbreak. Similarly, the screening center at Dera Ghazi Khan, the border of Punjab, has just begun.

The screening process started in Sindh about two weeks ago, which overtook the rest of the provinces, establishing a center for identifying suspected patients on the Sindh-Balochistan border. Meanwhile, doctors who fear that the virus will cause the virus, endanger their lives because of the lack of safety and equipment available.current world news

If safety equipment is not provided then it is feared that these Christians would not spread the disease themselves. This is the current security arrangement at the airport. A man working at Lahore airport was taken to Mayo Hospital for breathing problems. It has a virus confirmed on screen. As far as screening arrangements are concerned.current world news

A British-born Britishman escapes without being caught at Salman Airport. He later found himself tested positive in a private laboratory in Lahore, while the UK's National Health Service advised him to take quarantine at home. He was taken to the Mayo Hospital by police and admitted. Young doctors have uploaded videos about the safety devices not available to them.

In one of the two hospitals, senior doctors said they had taken sign-boards containing protective measures for those coming at their expense. Unsure about who should go to the hospital for a diagnosis is causing frustration among those who arrive.

The medical superintendent was relieved at an attempt to provide appropriate information at the services hospital, while a doctor in Okara was transferred to a patient to be diagnosed with the virus. Another doctor in Bahawalnagar suffered similar treatment. Interviews by senior and young doctors revealed a lack of preparedness to deal with this serious outbreak. A senior Lahore-based professor said that he alerted authorities to urgent security measures at the outbreak of the outbreak in China.

We were looking to the Punjab government for immediate action and it was awaiting the orders of the federal government itself. Certified and suspected patients with the virus are kept isolated. Another doctor said that he had taken this point, unfortunately the bureaucrats are running the entire management who do not know anything about the outbreak, they have kept the political leadership in the dark.

Officials responsible for keeping Iranians returning from Iran in Dera Ghazi Khan quarantine said the government's attitude toward dealing with the outbreak at the head is too slow.