Coronavirus was also affected by visits from Syrian patients

Provincial Minister of Education Saeed Ghani says those who came to Pakistan from Syria to visit the Corona virus patient were also world ahmed
 Coronavirus was also affected by visits from Syrian patients

Senator Saeed Ghani while speaking at Geo News' Morning Show 'Geo Pakistan' said that a corona virus infected person came 10 days before the evening, people who met this patient were also affected, from corona virus infected patients. Should not meet.

He added that the decision to close the school was a valid one, when the first case of Corona virus came up when the schools were closed, before that we had only a list of people coming from the airport.

Saeed Ghani said that we do not hide any data related to the Corona virus, it should be informed of the steps being taken in other provinces.current world news

Corona virus, death toll rises to 500 in Europe, says World Health Organization

It may be recalled that in a single day, 9 cases of Corona virus were reported in Karachi, after which the number of Corona virus patients has increased to 13 in the city.

According to the Department of Health, six Corona virus patients have reached Pakistan from Doha via Syria, while three patients have reached Karachi from London via Dubai.

According to the Department of Health, a patient has been sent home after recovering, currently 12 patients with corona virus are in hospital.current world news