First death of Corona in Karachi

The 77-year-old Corona virus victim was shot to death last night at a private hospital in Karachi, following which it recorded the first death from the Corona virus in Sindh, while there have been three deaths from the outbreak across world ahmed
 First death of Corona in Karachi

According to the Sindh Health Department, the person affected by Corona was already a patient with diabetes and blood pressure.current world news

According to private hospital records, the patient was taken to hospital due to high fever and severe colds, but doctors later confirmed the corona virus in the patient.current world news

The patient was killed in a private hospital in Karachi around midnight, after which the deceased was mysteriously taken to Sakhi Hassan Cemetery in North Nazimabad at one o'clock at night.

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In addition to the two survivors of the deceased, the hospital staff also accompanied the deceased in a specific garment that buried the deceased at the Sakhi Hassan Cemetery.

Sindh Health Minister Azra Fazal Pichoho confirmed the death in a video statement, saying that the aforesaid patient who died from Corona was 77 years old, who hails from Karachi.

He said the deceased was also suffering from various diseases including cancer, but he has no travel history.

Health Minister Sindh Awra Pechuho said the Corona virus is now spreading to the locals, while earlier it was spread by people coming from overseas.

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"Now the Corona virus has come into our community and is affecting people. We need to be very careful, people should be very careful with themselves, stay home.

It is pertinent to mention that out of 238 people in Sindh, the corona virus has been confirmed, out of which 3 people have recovered from the hospital, one has died while 234 people are undergoing treatment in hospitals in the province.

The total number of people infected with the virus has reached 451 after the number of Corona virus patients in Punjab has reached 80.

The number of corona patients in Balochistan is 81, 23 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 21 in Gilgit-Baltistan, 7 in the federal capital Islamabad and one in Azad Kashmir, while in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa two Corona patients have died.