From Karachi, a team of doctors arrived at the Quarantine Center in Sukkur

From Karachi, a team of specialist doctors has reached the Quarantina Center in Sukkur, where a screening process has been started for travelers from Tufan world ahmed
 From Karachi, a team of doctors arrived at the Quarantine Center in Sukkur

According to the district administration, the number of arrivals from Tifton has been increased to 1050 at the Quarantina Center set up in Sukkur, while all the markets, shopping malls, tea shops will remain closed in the city.

On the other hand, more than 757 people have been taken to Quarantina Center in Sukkur and now the number of people kept at Quarantina Center has increased to 1,500, while the security of police and Rangers has been increased.

According to sources, 757 people, including women and children, were taken to the Sukkur Quarantine Center in Sukkur by buses. The buses were sprayed on the buses, according to sources.

The Quarantina Center, located in the Labor Colony, already has 293 people, while blood and other tests will be taken once the data of 757 visitors has been recorded.

The quarantine center managed to house 1,000 people in 500 flats by the Sukkur administration, but arrangements are now being made for more people.

There are more than 1500 flats in the Labor Colony, and each flat has two rooms, one person is being kept in one room; the security arrangements for the Quarantina Center have been tightened as a large number of people arrive from Tufts.current world news