Golimar tragedy, death toll rises to 26

Work is underway to remove three debris at Rizwa Society in Golimar area of ​​ world ahmed
 Golimar tragedy, death toll rises to 26

The bodies of five more persons, including women, were removed from the rubble this morning, after which the death toll so far has risen to 26.current world news

No one is expected to live under the rubble, police said

The five-storey residential building in Nazimabad Golimar was demolished on Thursday afternoon. The building had also collapsed on two fallen sides and collapsed.

According to Dr Muhammad Saleem, Assistant Police Surgeon at Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, 26 people have been killed in the tragedy.

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The 26-body was taken by 40-year-old Homio Dr. Ghazala, who was removed from the wreckage and taken to hospital, he said.

Golimar, Gulbahar has been in mourning for 4 days; people are still waiting for a miracle for the lives of their loved ones.

Three more bodies were recovered from the rubble in Golimar, killing 20

On Sunday morning, bodies of five more were recovered from the debris of the collapsed buildings, identified as Safiyan, Sohail, Zubeda, Ishrat and Dr. Ghazala, after which the death toll rose to 26. The bodies have been handed over to the heirs after identification.

Rescue officials and area residents have expressed concern over the deportation of seven more people, as rescue agencies have also set hopes for evacuation of the undercover people.

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Rescue operations are a clean-up of tight streets, inadequate machinery and the slowdown of the concerned institutions, which has doubled the concerns of the survivors.

Until Friday night, some people under the rubble were in contact with their families over the phone and kept calling for help, but since last day there has been silence and no one has contacted the family.

Sindh government is responsible for the demise of the building, Khurram Sher Zaman

According to Imtiaz Banda, SHO of the Rizviya Society, no one is expected to survive under the rubble.