Islamabad High Court orders release of 408 prisoners on bail

The Islamabad High Court ordered the release of 408 prisoners on bail, amid fears of a Corona virus world ahmed 
 Islamabad High Court orders release of 408 prisoners on bail

Islamabad High Court Chief Justice Athar Mann Allah has issued a conditional release on the bail of 408 prisoners.

283 inmates were released on bail.

Deputy Commissioner Hamza Shafqat took the stand in the court that he would be released on the bail of 17 accused.

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The anti-narcotics force (ANF) prosecutor said before the court that narcotics is a very serious crime, some of these prisoners are from the area and some are old convicts.

The Chief Justice replied that this is an emergency situation and we are making a decision only on the accused who are incarcerated without punishment. We order a release on bail if the investigating officer is satisfied.current world news

He said that a committee should be set up which would decide the release of the accused on bail, keeping the government policy in mind. Appoint the Chief Commissioner, IG Police and DGANF. If satisfied, the prisoners should be released on bail.

The chief justice said that the accused who is threatened to come out and be dangerous to the society should not be released on bail. We are giving bail to the accused whose release is subject to satisfaction of the committee Will be.

He said that prisoners are being released in the US too, prisoners have the right to survive, in this case they cannot be kept in isolation.

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Chief Justice Athar Man Ullah said that there are challenging times when big decisions are to be taken.

DC Islamabad said the NAB and ANF cases are separate.

Chief Justice Athar Min Allah said that it is not advisable to keep women in jail in this situation right now.

Advocate General Islamabad urged that if the court directs the lower courts, it is correct, that the administration should not be so burdened, the administration is already busy.