Lockdown, How to Protect and Teach Children

At present, the entire world is prone to the outbreak of corona virus 'Cod 19', which many countries have locked down to prevent the spread, enrich such a situation while in their homes and strengthen their relationship with their children. Create, protect them from this virus, educate and train world ahmed
 Lockdown, How to Protect and Teach Children

How can your children be protected from this infectious disease?

Lockdown, How to Protect and Teach Children
According to experts, the following methods can be used to protect yourself and your children from Cody 19 by following the steps at home:

Make it a habit to wash your children frequently, tell them soap and wash your hands for 20 seconds continuously, and use hand sanitizer every few minutes.

Teach children to keep distance from each other, talk to each other at least 6 feet away, not play indoors, cough or sneeze so get away immediately.

House doors, windows, tables, furniture, wings and lights, buttons, remote controls, and so on, are all cleaned with an antibiotic.current world news

Make it a habit for your children to place a handkerchief or tissue on the sneezing mouth or to cough or sneeze by twisting their arms.

If your child is ill, wear a face mask. If the child is in good health, there is no need for a face mask.

Wash your children's toys with a sterile solution and allow them to be used in the sun after teaching.

Feed your children good and healthy food and take special care of their sleep, try to get the baby to sleep for 10 to 12 hours.

Do not let your children be dehydrated, feed them vitamin-rich fruits, lemons and cans or juice repeatedly, as well as strengthen their immune system, including the exclusion of harmful health substances from their fruit drinks. Will be .

How to Protect Your Child from Being Died at School Closure?

Lockdown, How to Protect and Teach Children
In view of the Corona virus, schools around the world, tuition centers are now closed, causing children to lose their education, the loss can be remedied by adopting the following methods.

You have the time to educate your child and teach them something extra out of school, assuming they are good parents, and use that time to open their school bags and educate them. Attract

Lockdown, How to Protect and Teach Children
Make it a habit to read exercise books, yoga and storybooks or various books, including school books, now is the time to make them book friends.

To strengthen your relationship with children, they also have books to read and teach and explain to them, this will help them to develop their personality and stay in them.

If your children are a few years old now, sit down with them and play with them all the time and time, and they will become your friends and this relationship will last a lifetime.

Keep children away from the TV screen during lockdown days; they may be disturbed by news of the deaths and victims of the global outbreak, and they can create stress that they will remember for their entire lives.

Take a video call and talk to relatives living with your children, we do not do this in the normal routine, children will be happy with it.

Do not allow children to use mobiles, laptops and notebooks too much, it will become a habit for them and will have a negative impact on their brains, after school they have taken time to get back to normal routine and They will be confused.

Lockdown, How to Protect and Teach Children
Instead of keeping your children busy on the screen, take a small break from them in the kitchen or at home chores. Children will love this process very much and they will learn a lot.