Lockheed news in Karachi not authentic, Nasir Hussain

Municipal minister Nasir Hussain Shah has said that there is no authenticity in the news on social media related to lockdown in world ahmed
 Lockheed news in Karachi not authentic, Nasir Hussain

He said in a statement that there was no lockdown situation in Karachi, all the steps taken by the government in the eyes of Corona are precautionary measures.

The provincial minister said that the cybercrime act would be taken against those spreading the rumors. The public is confident that the government has the ability to solve all problems.

It should be noted that in the wake of the Corona virus, Sindh has banned gatherings, processions, meetings, Urs, anniversary and sports activities.current world news

In addition, ceremonies are banned at wedding halls, cinemas, picnic spots, public parks, seasides, water parks, playgrounds, social clubs, while teaching halls and madrassas are temporarily closed.