NAB transfers inquiry against federal minister for food security and brother

ISLAMABAD: In a mysterious development, the chairman NAB has moved an inquiry against Federal Minister for Food Security Khusro Bakhtiar and his brother from Multan to Lahore office which has raised questions on his fate as it was NAB Multan. They had tracked down the assets of billions of them while processing the world ahmed
 NAB transfers inquiry against federal minister for food security and brother

The NAB spokesman did not comment on contacting The News, but in this case the complainant was not given the reason for the transfer, despite the fact that it was under the jurisdiction of Multan.

According to the informed authorities, the transfer was made without the consent of NAB Multan, who wanted to pursue the matter in detail, how the assets of the minister's brothers have increased to billions of rupees.current world news

In early 2018, Ahsan Abid Advocate filed a complaint against him, which was sent by the NAB Headquarters to Multan office for verification as the case came under his jurisdiction.

The Multan office reported to the NAB headquarters in September 2018 after the allegations were confirmed. In addition to sharing the results in detail, he said that the allegations were sufficiently credible for a detailed investigation and requested permission for that purpose. After being unfit for more than a year, the National Accountability Bureau ordered an official inquiry into the charges against Federal Minister for Planning Makhdoom Khusro Bakhtiar and his brother, Punjab Finance Minister Hashim Jawan Bakht in January, but he also complained On behalf of the Lahore High Court. According to a complaint verification report submitted by NAB Multan in December 2018, the ministers' families made huge investments in the last six years of the last decade.current world news

It established four sugar mills, five power generating companies and four trading companies. According to the complaint filed with the NAB Headquarters from the Regional Office, their agricultural property increased from 5702 canals (712 acres) to 7780 canals (972 acres), thus shortening the short-term to 6 to 7 residential houses and plots in different cities. With an increase of 2078 canals (260 acres).

According to the report, Khusro did not mention in the nomination papers of certain properties purchased in his name in DHA Lahore while the family received foreign remittances of around Rs 979 million during 2011-2018. The NAB Multan report revealed that the current market value of the minister's family assets is over Rs 100 billion.

It's a mystery how the family who owns the land entered the club of top industrialists. Investigators concluded that no bank was borrowed to build this empire. He wrote in the report that if the investigation was ordered, further assets could have been traced and the accused would have been investigated.

What we have found so far is based on corporate records, tax declarations, revenue documents, banking information and travel history. The minister himself often travels overseas. Khusrau went abroad 189 times in the last five years alone, which means that he went abroad more than three times a month.

Until they are detained for investigation, they will not know what they are doing there. The number of his brothers is different in different records. Nadra's data shows that the minister has only one brother (who is now the provincial minister), while land records indicate that he has two brothers.

The rise of this family is stated in the following lines in the NAB's Complaint Verification Report that since 2006 the family's assets have increased dramatically. An agricultural family suddenly became an industrialist and began investing in the corporate sector for more than any known source of income. Sugar mills are particularly mentioned in the business details. They are four. In each case, the minister's mother and brother are partners.

One of these was the approved capital of Rs. 1 billion established in 2006. The minister's mother and brother are his shareholders. Another approved capital established in 2007 is Rs 2 billion. The minister's mother and brother (and his wife) are also partisans here.

Third Sugar Mill was launched in 2016. No mention of the date of the last foundation stone. When investigators checked, the brother who runs the sugar mills did not find a record in Nadra. According to NAB report, the minister has shown investment of Rs 130 million in a sugar mill. The other family-run mills show their unnamed share.

The entire family lives in the shared family system, which is evident from their single residential address. The four trading companies are named after the minister's brother. One of them is based in London.

The five power generating companies are also named after the minister's brother, who according to Nadra records is his brother. Hashim Young is the owner of a rich ethanol production company.

As far as the purchase of land is concerned, the investigation reveals that in addition to the 126 acres purchased for a sugar mill, agricultural land has increased by 260 acres since 2004.

Of this, the minister acquired 216 acres of land from his own mother through the conversion of Tamilak and his mother acquired the land from his mother (the minister's grandmother) through Tamilak and the grandmother from his two daughters through Tamalek. Obtained the land which this objectionable land inherited after the death of his father (the minister's grandfather).

In a report sent to NAB headquarters, an investigator wrote that most of these Tamilak's demolished properties happened in one day.