Not now, if needed, you will lock down, PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that he will lock down if needed, but currently he is not doing so, except for cases coming from Tiffan, Corona is still in world ahmed
 Not now, if needed, you will lock down, PM

Talking to senior journalists and anchor personnel, the Prime Minister appealed that the nation and media should not spread chaos as it could harm the corona virus.

He said that no news was being censored on Corona issue, he would not hide anything from the public, monitor the virus on a daily basis and keep the situation in front of the public.

Imran Khan added that if the lockdown is done, the daily wages will be disturbed, the people will have to take special precautions to prevent the corona virus, the war against the corona can not win the nation.

The Prime Minister cited the lack of facilities in Tufan as saying that accusing the Balochistan government over the arrangements of Tufan is excessive, Jam Kamal was in contact with us, there was no facility for screening of visitors.current world news

“When visitors from Iran started arriving, we were in constant contact with Tehran on how to deal with the situation, and then Dr. Zafar Mirza himself went to Tufan,” he said.current world news

The Prime Minister also said that there is no situation in Pakistan that people should start stocking, it may be difficult to fight Corona without careful, people should keep distance from each other.current world news

He told the public that we can control it, if not go to public places for a month and a half, and if any signs of the disease are visible then they will restrict themselves and this is more important than going to the hospital. 90% of the people do not need a hospital.

Imran Khan said that self-isolation would reduce the chances of Corona growing. This is what the world experiences and it is the best way to deal with it.

He said that there are two major threats to Pakistan right now, one of its viruses will not spread like Europe and Iran. If this is the case then we have the capacity to keep only 4-5% of patients in ICU.

Imran Khan said there are no ventilators being found in staff ie doctors' earners and ICUs in Europe, there have been 3,000 deaths in Italy.

He said the second major danger is that chaos will spread in the society. Media should play its role in reducing the atmosphere of fear.

The Prime Minister said that I ask the media owners, commentators, anchor personnel and journalists not to get into the circulation of sensational news in the cycle of ratings, if we are all worried and in the meantime we start buying things from the goods market. Will disappear and their prices will skyrocket.

He said that no one can tell what can happen in Corona in the coming months, it is very important that the entire community face it.

Imran Khan said that there are strategies to tackle this issue, one Sindh government has adopted the lock-down of Karachi, the other is that we should not allow people to gather, so cricket matches are closed, educational institutions are closed, cinema. House and gatherings banned.

The Prime Minister said that he was learning from China's experiences on the Corona issue, stayed in contact with the Chinese government when the disease came to the fore, his government handled the matter well, there was no case coming to Pakistan, China told us. It was assured that they would treat Pakistani students as their children.

He further said that as Corona issue became serious, Iran's ability to cope with the disease was weakened, and in the present situation I demand that the international community impose sanctions on Tehran.

Imran Khan's Corona virus has decided to announce concessions to the construction industry and to issue a relief package on Tuesday.