Reaction to deductions, discouragement or deception, bureaucracy in top management positions

ISLAMABAD:… Bureaucracy termed PTI government's 40% reduction in Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS / Former DMG) positions and fill the vacancy with the Secretariat Group (former OMG). Have given. The PAS described it as discouraging service, while the Provincial Management Services (PMS) held that the Prime Minister and the Cabinet had been tricked into the world ahmed
 Reaction to deductions, discouragement or deception, bureaucracy in top management positions

Secretariat Group officers share some facts about what the real strength of PAS is compared to cadre. Which raises the question of whether the Prime Minister and the Cabinet were aware of the actual situation of PAS. The PMS also insists that the prime minister and the federal cabinet were tricked, presented false facts.

According to the recent government-approved reforms, the PAS cadre will be reduced to 1,600 from the current 1900 positions to 600. Secretariat group officials insist that 40% of the cuts in the PAS, according to government claims, are against fraud and ground realities.

According to him, the impression is being made by the desired changes as the allotment of the group has been abnormally reduced while the fact is that the excess is being reduced but extraction is taking place.

These secretarial officers said that instead of the competition, the media should explain the facts objectively, it is said that the total number of PAS officers at present is 823 as there are no new recruits with retirements occurring every year. Not a continuation.

There was no significant decrease in numbers, so according to Secretariat Group officers, the number of PAS officers was never more than 823.

Instead, the actual number may have been lower because a certain number of times the depot is on training or on leave. The total allocated seats for PAS officers are 1715, while the government-approved reforms and The News reported that the number is 1900.

The purpose of telling the media exaggerated numbers is to create the impression that a large share has been paid, though the actual deduction is relatively low according to secretariat group officials.

He said that 1715 positions (or 1900 if the number is accurate) for these 823 officers were reserved for the whole of Pakistan. This means that 892 to 1075 positions are vacant at any time as these positions extend from the federal secretariat to the provincial governments, so the shortfall does not appear to be easy. But if you level up, it will appear as a serious governance issue.

According to him, the shortage of officers from grade-17 to grade-20 can be felt in the federal government as the positions remain vacant and the establishment struggles to meet the demands of various ministries and divisions every day.

Officers from other service groups are brought in. There is no solution to the shortage of officers in the Federal Secretariat. This creates flaws in other groups as well.

For example, the Federal Secretariat allocates 79 officers to Grade 20 officers, but only 49 PAS officers are available. 30 positions remain vacant.

These positions cannot be filled during the promotion board because appropriate qualifying services of the officers are not available. It is said that the situation in grade-19 is much worse. Whereas 84 posts are allotted for PAS where only 6 officers are currently working.

He says that secretariat groups in the federal government and PCS officers in the provinces have been shedding light on the fact that the PAS has got a bigger share than it needs. They are seeking higher positions for themselves.

These groups have the appropriate number of officers required to fill the vacancies. This is not a major issue of governance. Lack of PAS seats, which is a major concern. They are unlikely to have any major impact. The positions will remain vacant. 1300 posts have been allocated to 823 officers.

Secretariat group officials say those are unlikely to fill in the next decade. A senior PMS official said in his statement that 1900 seats were mis-counted, the prime minister and the cabinet were deceived in the matter.current world news

A PMS officer said that contrary to the constitution and the law, PAS, which is a federal service, has taken provincial positions in violation of the constitution.

He said that almost all the key positions in the provinces are with federal PAS officers who are not accountable to the provincial governments and assemblies under the constitution.

Federal PAS officers should not work in the provinces, he said. This error has rendered provincial governments and assemblies inactive because the Federal Bureau of Christendom is not under their control.current world news

The PMS Provincial Bureau is the creation of the Provincial Assemblies under Christie and the Constitution. He termed the CSP rules of 1954 as unconstitutional which gives PAS officers not 1400 seats but 146 seats. 1900 seats have been incorrectly estimated.

Last Monday, the PAS responded to the issue through a former chief secretaries committee. In which the notice was taken to rationalize the declared civil service reforms in the provinces for cadre force.

According to the meeting, this is the case. As the federal and provincial governments set the formula for sharing in field posts in 1954, there is no compulsion to reconsider.current world news

According to the meeting, the shortage of 600 posts of PAS officers spread the anxiety among the junior officers. The meeting called on the government to re-examine the issue so that administrative management could be prevented from splitting up.