Running a school or a property?

During the hearing on the petition against the collection of fees in the name of various programs in the private school in Sindh High Court, the court has expressed its unhappiness that the school administration is running the school or any world ahmed
 Running a school or a property?

The Sindh High Court heard the petition against the collection of fees in the name of various programs in the private school.current world news

During the hearing, the court unanimously said that in the case of Photostat, Sports and not knowing who was receiving the fees, the court inquired that when a fee was received, the fees would be charged in the name of other programs. What's up? Isn't anyone going to ask these schools?

The court further questioned the school administration as to why different fees are being charged in the name of tuition fees, sports and photocopies.current world news

Receive fees for the school administration's decision that the sports teacher has a separate teacher.

On this, the court expressed its displeasure over the administration of the school and said that teachers of physics, meth and other disciplines have also been hired.

During the hearing, the court, while complaining to the school administration, was asked to do something for themselves, or take everything from the children and sell glasses of water. Parents are stuck with you enrolling.

The court asked the school administration that you are challenging the Supreme Court order?

Meanwhile, Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar quoted Siddiqui as saying that you do not know the role you have created. What is the director doing private school education? Have private schools made education a business?

On the other hand, the director general's private schools said that all tuition fees are illegal.

The court remarks that terminate, stop, why are schools taking chargers illegal?

During the hearing, the Sindh High Court ordered the director private schools to resolve the issue in view of the judicial orders.