Saba Qamar unveiled a memorable event in her life

Karachi: Drama and film actress Saba Qamar unveiled a memorable event in her life. Her fans on Twitter asked Qamar Qamar that you have worked in countless dramas and films in his career. ۔ Do you remember an event that affected your heart during this period news world ahmed
 Saba Qamar unveiled a memorable event in her life

On the question of the fan, Saba Qamar said that I had played in an area of ​​Lahore where we had been shooting all day, but there was a mud house in which a beautiful lady was living in a room full of electricity and fans. I had a very strange condition.

Saba Qamar said that seeing this woman, I realized how rich we are with the blessings of Allah, so we should always be thankful for the blessings of our Lord at all times.

Apart from this, talented actress Saba Qamar has hinted at making her YouTube channel soon. On Saturday, Saba told fans that she would reply to everyone from 5 pm, she also asked to use a specific hashtag. In the session of 'Ask Saba', Saba Qamar provided interesting answers to various questions from the fans.

Asked about the introduction of the YouTube channel, she said that she plans to introduce the YouTube channel on her birthday soon.

Regarding upcoming projects, Saba Qamar said that she has recently finished shooting for her film Kamali, intends to do a web series and will also be acting in the film 'Do Not Disturb'.