Saudi Arabia: Corona expands travel restrictions

Saudi Arabia has extended travel bans for foreigners due to Corona, transport from 39 countries, including Pakistan and the European Union, has been temporarily world ahmed
 Saudi Arabia: Corona expands travel restrictions

Neither Saudi will be able to go to these countries nor will any of them come to Saudi Arabia.

According to the Saudi government news agency, the decision to ban entry into the country has been decided on the emergence of 24 new Corona cases in the kingdom. Twenty-one of the new cases are from Mecca. Corona has 45 cases in the country.

Saudi government directs all Umrah pilgrims and visitors to leave Saudi Arabia within 72 hours.

Saudi Arabia and Pakistanis with residency have also been instructed to return home within 72 hours.

Following the Saudi government's decision, the national airline PIA launched emergency measures to bring Pakistani nationals back home.current world news

Spokeswoman PIA says the airline has begun emergency measures to bring Pakistani citizens back home, adding additional flights will provide travel facilities to Pakistani nationals.

The spokesman says additional flights will be announced shortly.current world news

It should be noted that the corona virus has spread to more than 123 countries, the worldwide death toll has reached 4,635, while the number of infected patients is more than 100,000.

After 28 new cases of Corona virus in the United States, the number has dropped to 1329 while the death toll has increased to 38.

The governor of Washington has banned the gathering of more than 250 people and also ordered the closure of the school while the St. Patrick's Day Parade was postponed in New York, for the first time in 258 years, the St. Patrick's Day Parade in New York was postponed. Has been done

After four new cases in Mexico, the number of patients has increased to 11. After 114 new cases in South Korea, the number has risen to over 7,000.

Denmark has decided to close all schools and universities and send students home.

The death toll has risen to 827 in Italy, 354 in Iran, 66 in South Korea, 48 in France and 55 in Spain.