Shahbaz Sharif returns

The sudden decision of Shahbaz Sharif, chief of the PML-N and the opposition, to return to Pakistan has created a stir in the government world ahmed
 Shahbaz Sharif returns

The announcement of Shahbaz Sharif's return was initially considered a statement by the government and did not take it seriously, however, before Shahbaz Sharif's photos went viral on social media, with his mother and older brother Nawaz Sharif kissing him. Departing

The government ministers sensed and a federal minister requested the Prime Minister to keep Shahbaz Sharif in quarantine for 14 days on his return home so that he could be kept away from the people and he could not continue his political activities after returning home.

On arriving in Pakistan, Shahbaz Sharif said that in such a country when the country is engulfed by the Corona virus, the people are in dire need of me, in view of which I have decided to return. Remember that Shahbaz Sharif had taken his brother Nawaz Sharif to London for treatment four months ago.current world news

All provincial governments are taking steps to address the Corona virus in the country. In this regard, Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah, following in the footsteps of Shahbaz Sharif, appeared to be very active in dealing with the Corona virus in comparison to other provinces on which he has been gaining considerable public attention and his work has been scaled to Shahbaz Sharif. Attempts are being made to check on them and they are being termed as “Shahbaz Sharif of Sindh” but in other provinces the PTI government has failed to take adequate measures against the Corona virus and meanwhile the PML-N chief. The people of Punjab were feeling the depletion of Shahbaz Sharif due to the departure of the country but his return. Punjab government has the courage and comfort.

It is evident that in a time when all political activities in Pakistan are dull, the purpose of Shahbaz Sharif's sudden return to the country is not to take part in political activities, but to corroborate the people of Pakistan, especially Punjab, in view of his abilities and experiences in the present situation. Remove the effects of the virus.current world news

There is no doubt that the example that Shahbaz Sharif served in his previous regime in dealing with dengue was still fresh in the minds of the people, which his opponents also acknowledge. Shahbaz Sharif held 96 days of continuous meetings to deal with dengue which continued from 6 am to 8 pm which included the management of all the MPs and LDAs of Lahore, including 38 provincial secretaries.

This meeting was never suspended. The meeting attendees were given targets who would come to the meeting the next day with visual evidence of progress on the targets. At his request, the Sri Lankan government sent doctors and dengue experts to Pakistan and Sri Lanka is still credited with the services of Shahbaz Sharif.

Shahbaz Sharif had fixed the cost of dengue test at Rs 80 during his tenure but today the corona virus test is being done at Rs 8 to 10 thousand which is beyond the reach of the poor and the middle class. At the same time, the market makers and hand sanitizers are receiving the prices, but the government has become a spectator.

During Shahbaz Sharif's regime, PTI chief Imran Khan and his colleagues, Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif used to mock him as "Dengi Brothers" but we should not forget that God has a lot to do with human beings. There are ways.

They say that not only human beings but his works are remembered, which is why people across Punjab, especially Punjab, are remembering Shahbaz Sharif's services to control dengue and look forward to them.

Shahbaz Sharif has been active in tackling the virus infecting the country as soon as he arrives, and has offered to use the government as a quarantine center for all Sharif groups including the hospital, while two at the party level to deal with Corona. Committees have also been formed that will monitor Corona and make recommendations to help the public.

It is also good to hear that PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto has declared Shahbaz Sharif's return as a positive step and assured his full support to the government in combating the Corona virus.

PML-N leader Mian Nawaz Sharif is expected to have a heart attack next week and at such a time, Shahbaz Sharif's decision to leave his brother and return home is certainly praiseworthy and a positive step on which the government should focus its politics. Instead, the decision should be taken to the best of Shahbaz Sharif's capabilities and experience. We must not forget that combating the Corona virus is only possible through solidarity.

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