Shanira Akram's message regarding Corona

Former captain Waseem Akram's wife, Shanira Akram, says homeowners should take a relaxed approach to their tenants in view of the closure of the business due to the Corona virus in world ahmed
 Shanira Akram's message regarding Corona

The wife of renowned social worker and actress and former captain Waseem Akram wrote on the micro-blogging site Twitter that "Cafe, restaurants, shops, jams, schools and parks have been shut down all over Pakistan due to corona virus."

"In this difficult time, owners of buildings and flats should be able to lease their tenants so that small business people do not face problems," said Shanira Akram.

Social activist Shanira Akram also tweeted a tweet yesterday about precautionary measures to avoid the Corona virus.

In his tweet, Shanira Akram shared a picture of a dirty tissue paper that had cleared his cellphone and charger.current world news

Shanira Akram shared this photo and wrote, "If we want to be clean, it is not necessary to keep our hands clean only."

Waseem Akram's wife asked Twitter users in her tweet, "Do you know how often we touch our mobile and then put that same hand on our face?"

He wrote, "I just cleaned my cellphone and charger."

He wrote, "Don't comment on me unless you do it yourself."

It may be mentioned that after 17 more cases of Corona virus have been reported in Sindh, 172 have been reported in the province, 26 in Punjab, 16 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 16 in Balochistan, 4 in Islamabad and 3 in Corona in Gilgit-Baltistan. The number has grown to 244 nationwide.