Sindh government plans to close hotels and tea shops at 9pm

Sindh government's hotels and tea shops were closed at 9pm in view of the situation in the Corona virus in world ahmed
 Sindh government plans to close hotels and tea shops at 9pm

Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah said that if people stayed or stayed in hotels for late at night, the tea shops would be closed.

He also directed to provide ration to the houses of pilgrims housed in Sukkur Isolation.

During the meeting at the Chief Minister's House, it was considered to close restaurants, tea shops at 9 pm. Chief Minister Sindh said that they are now going to zero tolerance. If our people stay late for a long time, the government will close down the hotels and restaurants.

He explained that shops selling homemade food items will not be closed.

Chief Minister Sindh directed the IG police to raid various stores, taking notice of the sale of expensive items of sanitizer, detol and tissue paper.

The Chief Minister said that any shopkeepers who were selling sanitizers, detolls, tissue papers at expensive prices should be arrested.

Murad Ali Shah also directed the municipality to provide ration to the homes of those housed in Sukkur Isolation.current world news