The Afghan peace deal has raised many questions, analysts said

KARACHI (TV report) - Hamed Mir, host of Geo's program "Capital Talk", said in his analysis that the Afghan peace agreement signed in Qatar's capital Doha is currently being commented on all over the world ahmed
 The Afghan peace deal has raised many questions, analysts said

And Pakistan's role is also being talked about, but the statement of President Ashraf Ghani that came out in Afghanistan, saying he did not believe in the release of prisoners in the deal. This statement has raised many questions about this agreement.

But despite this, most people are very optimistic about the deal, and the role of Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan since the peace deal has been and always has been. Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs Andalib Abbas while addressing the program said that this is great news for Pakistan, Afghanistan and the world.current world news

Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed, chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, said there could be some dangers other than Ashraf Ghani, senior journalist Rahimullah Yousafzai said, adding that this is good news for the people of Afghanistan for more than 40 years. The war is on. If peace is established, the people of Afghanistan will benefit greatly. The Taliban are calling it their victory.

Afghan journalist Sami Yusufzai said that the Taliban are saying that it is regularly written in our deal that the US will release five thousand prisoners. The Taliban are hopeful because the US has a strong influence on the Afghan government. Ultimately, they will also agree that a group of six members of the Afghan government is in Doha to hold talks.current world news