The corona virus can attack every year, American scientists

The new Corona virus, which forms the global epidemic, could be invaded by frost every year, says senior US scientist Anthony world ahmed
 The corona virus can attack every year, American scientists

Anthony Foxy, head researcher at the US National Institute of Infectious Disease, said in a statement yesterday that there is a strong likelihood that the corona virus will attack every year like a seasonal virus in the winter. Where the winter season is now.

"Right now the vaccine and effective treatment of this virus need to be invented, we are seeing that the virus is spreading rapidly in South Africa and the southern regions of the world, we have more cases there," said Anthony Foxy. There are reports from countries which are currently cold.

He feared that the virus might become a bicycle and that we would have to fight another wave of the virus so it would be very important for us to be prepared. The point is, how long do we develop vaccines to fight the virus?

Anthony Foxy said that we were going to prepare and test the vaccine day and night so that it could be treated as soon as it was available to the general public and we were ready to fight it before the second wave came.current world news

"Right now we have two vaccines ready for the virus that we are testing on humans, one with the US and the other with China, while it may take one to two years to fully utilize," he said. There is more research on this trial and its impact on humans.current world news

Anthony Foxy says: "I am sure we will succeed and defeat this pestilence, but we also have to be prepared for another corona virus attack."

He added that the virus is more active in the cold and capable of infecting humans, while its attack in the heat is weak and its ability to spread is not the end of the virus. Further research and work is underway, the results of the research on different countries need to be read and considered together. Only then will we be able to reach a single point.

Anthony Fakey said that in cold weather, small particles of water released by humans during sneezing and coughing may be in the air for longer and can affect others, whereas in winter, human strength is also weakened and more viruses. And attack the infection.

The American scientist added that his chances of spreading from human to other human beings are even higher because it can seem and spread beyond the surface of things, if one person is affected by it, it can affect many. So to avoid this, consider cleaning right now, the virus closes in a tight layer so do frequent cleaning and washing hands so that it gets trapped and transported from the surfaces of your hands or different things. Could not be