The risk of 17 million deaths in the US

US experts warn that the global outbreak of the Corona virus could affect 65 percent of the US population and could even kill 17 million world ahmed
 The risk of 17 million deaths in the US

China's outbreak of Corona virus has spread to 115 countries around the world, various measures are being taken by these countries to prevent it.

Along with this, experts are constantly issuing warnings, but now the American Institutes for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a warning in this category.

The CDC has issued warnings that the Corona virus could make the situation even worse in the United States.current world news

The company says that only 21 million 40 million Americans - 65 percent of the population - can be affected.

The CDC added that the US alone has a risk of 17 million deaths.

In this regard, the US newspaper The New York Times published the report, which reported that the CDC closed room meeting a month ago, attended by US officials for health and world-renowned experts.current world news

At this meeting, an American expert told four different scenarios of the outbreak in the United States.

The worst scenario could affect up to 21 million people, he said, but if steps are taken immediately, that number could be reduced to just 3 million people.

One of these experts said that you cannot win against it even after taking excessive steps, it makes you nervous, you need to be very careful.

In different scenarios, every affected person can affect 2 to 3 people; in hospitals, the rate can range from 3 to 12 people while one to 25 percent can be killed.