The sale of "chloroquine" without a prescription is banned

Islamabad (Representative War) The alleged use of chloroquine in the treatment and prevention of Corona virus has been banned from being sold in Pakistan without doctor's world ahmed
 The sale of "chloroquine" without a prescription is banned

According to sources, the federal government has decided to issue a health advisory on the use of chloroquine, a malaria drug, in connection with the treatment of the Corona virus.current world news

In this context, Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Shahbaz Gul issued a video statement saying that medical stores without doctor's advice would be banned from giving chloroquine.current world news

He said that chloroquine was mentioned in a tweet by US President Donald Trump after which many people started using chloroquine; doctors and scientists on the matter of chloroquine did not come to a definitive conclusion, some people Started using this drug only to increase immune response even without the cure.

Shahbaz Gul said that today the Health Ministry is issuing health advisory on the issue. Medical stores without doctor's advice will be banned from giving chloroquine, many of the disadvantages of chloroquine can be as a side effect. And can damage the liver.

 After Trump's tweet, people have begun to buy chloroquine from the market, which has led to fears that heart and liver disease may not increase, PTI leader says Pakistan needs pharmaceutical stock for its needs There is, if chloroquine is not available from the market, does not mean that the stock in Pakistan has declined.