The virus is more dangerous than Corona

Whenever a disaster or disaster comes down, the debate begins with us whether it is punishment or the natural result of a human error. As news of Corona's outbreak began to spread, instead of trying to cure it, the debate started whether the disease had been imposed because of eating forbidden animals or it had come down like other epidemic world ahmed
 The virus is more dangerous than Corona

Some keen observers on global conspiracies also made the spectacular revelation that the Corona virus is a masterpiece of America's biological technology, and that it was introduced to defeat China in the economic field.

When I see these astrologers and astronomers entangled in such a debate, it is hard to imagine that if the punishment actually came to punish humans, there would surely be many types of it. Such as pestilences, hurricanes, earthquakes, accidents and other such disasters, but ignorance is the worst punishment that has not come to an end in years.current world news

The behavior that is being expressed on a personal and collective level feels as if preparations are being made to make Koruna laugh and die, through juggling. At the official level, the campaign is being run so loudly that if you drink hot water or take bath with hot water then the corona will end.

One day, Governor Punjab Chaudhry Sarwar passed the statement saying that if he gets hot water then the corona virus in the stomach will die. The next day, the captain said that as soon as summer starts, the temperature will increase. Yes, people are being misled by billboards in a hidden area of ​​Lahore that the Corona virus cannot survive in hot climates.

A doctor from an Arab country who introduced himself as a cardiologist claims that the corona virus dies when he warms his nose through a hair dryer. Likewise, not only the public, the rulers, the physicians and the speakers, but also the common people are giving numerous prescriptions for the sake of the rewarders.

Regarding garlic, onion and ginger, it is said that using them can get rid of Corona. Surprisingly, well-educated people take these strange suggestions seriously. At present the World Health Organization is the most authoritative source of information and a separate section called Myth Buster has been established on the WHO website to investigate the rumors.

It is clearly stated here that according to global experts, Corona can be nourished in all kinds of environments, if one considers that it is unlikely to spread to the cold countries where it is snowing or that it is hot humid. In countries where there is a lot of heat, Corona cannot embed, so it is just fun and confusing.

If drinking hot water is not corona, then why is the outbreak in China where the tendency to drink warm water is so common? Experts suggest that the internal temperature of the human body is 36.5 or 37 degrees. If you take a bath with warm water, your body will be warm for a while but your body will soon adjust its internal temperature to the new environment.

If there was any truth in this, then why would destruction in our neighboring country of Iran, where there is less heat, be the same as in Pakistan? Similarly, WHO's website also states that ginger can have numerous medical benefits, but claims about Corona's prevention are unfounded.

The dryer applied to the washroom, or the hair dryer, does not cause Corona's germs to die through them.

The precautionary approach to shaking hands is being mocked and rumors are being circulated along with medical prescriptions. Earlier rumors were spread that the deceased entity had been told to protect Corona through hair in a dream, and numerous similar things began to spread through WhatsApp groups.

The blinds of this intellect do not understand so much that instead of reasons, it is possible to prevent a disaster, calamity or pestilence by merely breaking the sacred places. Mosques, churches, temples, synagogues, congregations, offices, universities, plazas are all deserted.

Likewise, no-one was flying that after 12 o'clock at night, certain army helicopters would spray the Corona virus to protect it, so do not put it on the roof for a few days to teach clothes and not leave the house after 12 o'clock. Exit. Just then, this message started to be shared on WhatsApp groups and social media without thinking.

Given that such stupid, baseless, absurd, and unrealistic things are often shared, the idea is that the Corona virus can be deadly but not more dangerous than a false and ignorant virus.

The punishment of the Corona virus will be averted in a few days or weeks if not months, thanks to scientific research, but as ignorance centers re-settle, these things will return to normality.