The world community will forgive Pakistan's debt', PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan has appealed to the international community to consider forgiving the debt of poor world ahmed
 The world community will forgive Pakistan's debt', PM

"My biggest concern is poverty and hunger," Prime Minister Imran Khan said during a foreign media interview, asking the world community to forgive the poor countries, including Pakistan, about forgiving the international community's obligations to weaker countries like Pakistan. Should think.

Rumors of a Corona virus, lockdown, citizens began stocking the ration

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that if the Corona virus spreads in Pakistan, it does not have the resources and resources to deal with it.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that forgiveness of poor countries will help deal with corona virus. If the coronavirus spreads, not only Pakistan but India, South Asia, African countries will face difficulties.

The number of Corona victims in Sindh has increased to 150

He also called on the international community to lift sanctions on Iran during the interview, saying that lifting sanctions on Iran will help Iran cope with the Corona virus, it is time to end US sanctions on Iran. ۔

Imran Khan said Iran has the worst coronavirus in the world.current world news

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During the US news agency interview, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that since taking office as Prime Minister, working with the United States for Afghan peace deal, Pakistan's role in the Afghan peace process should be appreciated. Pakistan is now America's partner in the peace process.

Talking about the Indian extremist and anti-Muslim BJP, Imran Khan said that BJP's extremist, ethnic party has occupied the whole country, India has extremist government, it has nuclear weapons. Yes, this is a scary dream.

He further said that the Indian Prime Minister went to the UN to warn of the imminent danger of Modi's Hindu nationalist government.