UAE introduces new rules to deal with Corona

United Arab Emirates (UKE) introduces new rules to deal with the Corona world ahmed
 UAE introduces new rules to deal with Corona

Under the new law the suspected patient will be fined for failing to report to the Ministry of Health, which can range from 10,000 to 50,000 dirhams and may be punishable with imprisonment.

Corona victims will be fined even if they make unnecessary trips instead of seeking treatment, failing to report the suspected Corona case can also result in penalties for friends and colleagues.

Under the new rules, the captain of the ship and the ship will have the responsibility to report the suspected case immediately; public transport drivers will also report the suspected case to the Health Ministry.current world news

If Corona Pizito deliberately transmitted the disease to someone else, he would be sentenced to 5 years, while violating precautionary measures would result in fines and imprisonment.

Under the new rules, prefer to travel in the family car, no more than 3 passengers in the car.

Go to the hospital in case of an emergency, do not need to leave the house unnecessarily, do not go to recreational places, only to be allowed to go out to buy food and medicine.