Who is the enemy of Afghan peace?

On February 29, the United States signed a peace deal with the Taliban in Qatar's capital, Doha, after a lengthy negotiated peace and ceasefire operation in Afghanistan. Pakistan played the role of facilitator through the best diplomacy that the United States acknowledged in bringing the deal to an world ahmed
 Who is the enemy of Afghan peace?

The agreement concluded that Afghanistan's territory would not be used against any country. Half of the arrested Taliban will be released immediately and half later, and American prisoners will also be released.

The agreement was approved by the Afghan president, the Taliban leadership and the US leadership, but the next day the Afghan president refused to release the Taliban prisoner. It was not unexpected that India carried out terrorist acts against Pakistan from Afghanistan.

Donald Trump also knows that Afghan leader Abdullah Abdullah and the Afghan president are under the influence of the Indian government. Yet the US president did not realize that unless India's influence was over, a peace deal with the Taliban could not be successful.

The announcement of the release of Taliban prisoners was the result of the Taliban being upset and that happened, the Talib attacked Afghan security agencies in Helmand. However, ISIS later claimed responsibility.current world news

This situation benefited India. The peace process in Afghanistan is a hindrance to India's blasphemous activities, a security attack that the United States immediately attacked the Taliban, even though it was unwilling.

This situation will make it easier for the US administration to decide which facilitator is better for both Pakistan and India, on the one hand, Pakistan has made successful diplomacy for the withdrawal of US troops and peace in Afghanistan. On the other hand, India, which has been hindered by this agreement through its facilitators.

Although immediately after the attack on Afghanistan's security agencies, Donald Trump spoke to Mulla Baradar for half an hour in favor of the agreement and on the other hand urged the US Secretary of State to hold talks with Ashraf Ghani, The result has not been revealed.

The separation of power, the separation of Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah into Afghanistan, is the first step to destroying Afghanistan's peace and security. Also, it is the old spark that is being lit up and that is to divide Afghanistan into Pakhtoon and non-Pashtun.current world news

This spark will transform Afghanistan into a spark that will have far-reaching effects. The rocket attacks on the president of the House during the swearing-in ceremony indicate that it is better for the United States to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan soon.

The US power is no more powerful than the British power of the 18th and 19th centuries, when they cannot colonize Afghanistan then how can America impose its will on Afghanistan, not make the mistake that Russia has made. If the United States refuses, then the same will happen to Russia.

So far from entering Afghanistan, the United States has emptied its treasury and lost thousands of troops, yet is forced to make a peace deal.

The damage Pakistan has done to US friendship, Pakistan can no longer afford it. Pakistan has established peace in the country by sacrificing its hard work and lives, and millions of civilians have also made the sacrifice of American friendship.

Pakistan's borders have been secured and these borders have been secured due to American friends (India). Muslims were being persecuted in India even when the US president was there, saying that it was a massacre. India is an indigenous issue, they are reminded of human rights when an Israeli dies, their blood starts to swell with the support of a few hundred demonstrators in Iran and they shout for human rights but in Kashmir, Palestine, Yemen and Syria. Their eyes are closed on the thousands who have died of cruelty.

Pakistan's civil and military leadership is not difficult to negotiate with Afghanistan and the Taliban for Pakistan's stability; So America has to decide. There should be no more demand from Pakistan.