Why did the PM refrain from lockdown?

Leadership is tested in difficult times and sometimes popular leaders make difficult but accurate decisions. Only time will tell if Prime Minister Imran Khan's decision not to have a limited lockdown in major cities was right or that could create further problems for the world ahmed
 Why did the PM refrain from lockdown?

After the outbreak of the special flu outbreak in 1918, the virus is considered dangerous, lasted for two years and resulted in the deaths of five million people; Or being alone was considered the best way to go. So lockdown is the most efficient way around the world.

Although Prime Minister Imran Khan is aware of the consequences and has warned that the virus can spread, he has not announced any decision except an appeal that people take precautionary measures. Pakistan is not in a 'dangerous zone' at this time, but even if the government decides the lockdown, the outbreak of the virus can make the situation even more dangerous.current world news

As a popular leader, Prime Minister Imran Khan can make important decisions and he is expected to make a well-prepared speech on the steps taken by the government. It was frustrating and it seemed like we didn't learn any lessons from China.current world news

It was his first speech after the outbreak of the virus in China's Wuhan city and the first case of Corona in Pakistan on February 26. But there was nothing important in the speech on Wednesday. So the state has decided to leave the nation at its own mercy. Let people decide for themselves. It was shocking because when they themselves warned the nation, "The virus will spread," then the government should have taken action. Instead, they just appeal to people to take care of themselves.

I wonder what the consequences of not doing a partial or full lockdown will be and will be decided later. China did a lockdown and got good results, while some other countries delayed the decision and are now paying the price, and their leaders are facing criticism over hundreds of deaths from the virus.

Now, the only hope is that President Arif Alawi, who will return from China today, will come up with some important message from the Chinese leadership on how to deal with the situation as the Chinese government provides support for building kits, masks and hospitals to fight the Corona virus. Has already announced help.

Pakistan's initial reaction was best when they decided not to bring back Pakistani students from Wuhan but could not possibly take similar decisions in other cases, namely those from Iran and other countries. As is the case today, it seems that Sindh is taking the lead and is following the Chinese model while the federal is following the policy of 'look and wait', this seems to be the case with the Prime Minister's weak speech.

The Prime Minister's defense against the lockdown that people will die of hunger makes it clear that the state does not want to take responsibility, whereas Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has apparently done his homework and contacted several welfare organizations. Who will take care of the 'Daily Wagers' daily. The Karachi Blackdown was a difficult decision as it is the largest city in Pakistan and if the federal government or the Prime Minister himself cooperated with the Chief Minister Sindh, the results would have been much better.

 If God forbid the virus spreads to other countries, we would have no choice but to lock down. But that resulted in several deaths. It was the right time because matters were still under control, but we are still expecting hundreds of people from Iran and some other countries to visit, and it is likely that the virus can spread rapidly if the necessary measures are not taken.

On a larger scale, people are still not taking appropriate precautionary measures. In a country like ours, tough decisions can force people to act on it. They should have announced the lockdown of a few major cities, international flights were temporarily suspended for two weeks, interstate bus and rail services were suspended for two or three days, as were all major shopping malls in the country. Was ordered to close.

Government of Sindh has taken similar measures, it will give people more confidence. Even in cities like Sukkur, the Sindh government can download the lock or it can be done in other cities too, but they have taken some measures and have not spread fear. Karachi is the largest city and with the highest population, there is a high risk of spreading the virus.

Yes, it could cost billions of rupees because the business would be stalled, but the delay in the decision could result in double loss of both life and business.