Yes, yes! That won't work

He asked me with a charming smile. "Yes, you know me? "I carefully looked at his smiling world ahmed
 Yes, yes! That won't work

The voice became familiar and the word "Yara ji" knocked on the door of the heart and said that it was an old acquaintance, but the eyes could not recognize the face.

I confessed to the failure of this test and told my address, Brother Jan your voice is not alien but I did not recognize the face, please forgive me and introduce myself.

The smile on my face turned into a laugh and he said that I was Abraham. Seventeen years ago, you met for the first time in Kabul and traveled with you to remote areas of Afghanistan several times as a translator and guide, at that time young but the situation prematurely worsened so you could not identify.current world news

His talk was not over yet and I hugged him. Years later, he was meeting me at Columbia University in New York. His face was really dead, but his tongue-in-cheek word "Yaraji" was just as fresh and sweet as it was in 2003.

Foreign journalists traveling to Afghanistan at that time were provided with a certified translator by the Foreign Ministry in Kabul, and at the established sites, this translator eased the difficulties of journalists by displaying a permit issued by the Foreign Ministry. Was.current world news

Ibrahim was born in an Afghan refugee camp near Peshawar, so Urdu knew too, so whenever we went to Afghanistan, we would find him tied up with him and he would do 'Yaraji Yaraji' to keep us from going to dangerous areas. I would have stopped.

When we insisted he would walk with us and laugh and say that he was killed with you, then some fame will surely come. His smile was like that, but the hair had turned white and eyes had glowed. I asked what are you doing at Columbia University?

Ibrahim said you had a talk at the headquarters of the Committee to Protect Journalists yesterday, an Egyptian journalist told me so I got there. There I was not allowed to enter the CPJ office, in the meanwhile it started raining then went back and found out that you have to come to Columbia University on March 7 so I got here.

When you entered the conference hall, you were invited to speak. I listened to all your words with great attention and then as soon as the lunch break, you reached home with great difficulty.

When did I come to the United States? Abraham said, "You will remember that I mentioned to you the Sunday Times journalist Marie Colvin. I also worked with her. She used to tell me that peace will not be long in Afghanistan. Get educated and become a regular journalist instead of an interpreter. Mary Cullen guided Abraham and took her to New York, she was also from New York.

 In 2012, Mary Covin was performing her duties as a journalist in the Syrian city of Homs, one day when she told CNN's Andrew Cooper on the phone that Bashar al-Assad's troops were massacring women and children in Homs.

 Within hours of this telephone interview, Assad's army searched Marie-Colvin in Homs and killed the brave female journalist by bombing. I told Abraham that my first meeting with Colvin was in Grozny, Chechnya, one of his eyes was lost because of the bombing in Jaffna, Sri Lanka, but he did not leave journalism.

Ibrahim asked that I listen carefully to what you did here, but you did not mention your arrest in Afghanistan. I told him that he was arrested three times in Afghanistan, once you were with me, Russian forces arrested in Chechnya, Hezbollah arrested in Lebanon, Pakistani Taliban was captured in Swat, the story goes long. The symposium was about Pakistan, so we restricted ourselves to Pakistan.

Ibrahim said that students and students asked you all kinds of questions, but no one questioned Afghanistan. If peace is not established in Afghanistan then peace will not come in Pakistan.

I agree with his opinion. We were talking that the next session of the conference was going to start in which Jibran Nasir had to talk. Abraham said, "Give me time today or tomorrow. Some of my American friends want to see you."

 I told him that I would go straight to the airport at the end of the conference and that Pakistan is returning this evening.

It is decided that if Jabran Nasir talks are over, we will chat for a while before Akbar Zaidi talks in the last session. When Akbar Zaidi started talking about Pakistan's economy, Ibrahim grabbed my hand and brought me out of the hall.

Sorry, I'm saying I'm sorry to be your guest, why didn't you do a program on Afghanistan's election this time?

I told him that the majority of Pakistanis have been involved in their problems. We repeatedly call people like Ashraf Ghani and give him the Guard of Honor. He repeatedly goes back and abuses Pakistan. In 2014, Pakistan helped him greatly. He alleged that Pakistan was helping Dr Abdullah Abdullah.

Pakistan played an important role in bringing the Taliban and the United States closer but a